Post Doctoral Students (UTSI)

Dr. Abhilasha Verma

Current Students (UTSI)

Matt Dede (Graduate Student)

Ellen Bomar (Summer Intern)

Clint McCulloch (Summer Intern)

Kristen Vance (Summer Intern)

Julia Shi (Mentor Student)

Former Students (UTSI)

Claire Murphy (Summer Intern)

Emily F. Hancock (Summer Intern)

Former Students (JHU/APL)

Alex S. Perry (Mentor student and Summer Intern)

Adam Sumey (Mentor student and Summer Intern)

Ammar Khan (Mentor student)

Scott Levin (Mentor student and Summer Intern)

Jeff Norton (Mentor student)

Gabrielle Watkins (Mentor student and Summer Intern)

Julia Olsen (Summer Intern)

Patrick Dougherty (Mentor student)

Yisu Han (Mentor student)

Former Students (UMBC)

Masters Students (thesis):

Xiangfei Zeng, “Synthesis and Characterization of Site Selective Ion Exchange Resin Templated for the Lead (II) Ion.”

Amanda L. Jenkins, “The Ultra-trace Determination of Lanthanides by Luminescence Enhancement.”

Sue Young Bae, “Extraction and Preconcentration of Ultra-trace Lead and Uranium Ions in Seawater and Their Determination by Photometry and Plasma Spectrometry.”

Heo-Jeong Yoon, “Counter-ion Effects on the Structural Properties of Tris(oxydiaceto) Eu(III) Compounds by Laser Induced Luminescence.”

Anton Bzhelyanskiy, “Uranyl Imprinted Polymers in Chemical Sensing.”

Ph.D. Students (dissertation):

Xiangfei Zeng, “Metal Ion Selective Sensors Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers.”

Amanda L. Jenkins, “Polymer Based Lanthanide Fluorometric Sensors for the Detection of Chemical Agents.”

LeAnn M. Preston, "Determination of N-nitroso Compounds by Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser Fluorometric Detection."

Anael Kimaro, "Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and Fluorescent Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Application."