Glen E. Southard

Glen Southard, Ph. D.
Chief Scientific Officer
MIPSolutions, Inc.
421 Wakara Way #203
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
cell: (410) 707-2474
office: (801) 583-0195

Glen has extensive background in organometallic and polymer chemistry. He performed research and development work at the Schafer Corporation before joining the staff at the APL. During his tenure at Schafer he investigated microcellular aerogels, deuterated monomers, and patterned thin film materials. The work was in support of a multi-laboratory coordination effort studying inertial confinement fusion technology. As a post-doctoral fellow he investigated controlled polymerizations of methacrylates by atom transfer polymerization (ATRP) and by reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization (RAFT) methods. The polymers were tagged with fluorophores and their solution and surface absorption characteristics were observed. The polymers served either as models for the physical properties of polyionomers in waterborne paints and dispersions, or were used as powder spray, GMA coatings. His graduated work involved investigating the properties of new electroactive organometallic polymers. The polymers were partially or fully oxidized and their magnetic, electronic, and conductive properties were studied. Glen's skills are inorganic, organometallic, and polymer synthesis; Schlenk and glove box techniques; NMR; FT-IR; GC-MS; UV-VIS; GPC; TGA; DSC; EPR; SQUID Magnetometer; cyclic voltammetry; Mössbauer; ESCA; X-ray diffraction.

Glen received his B.S. in chemistry from Iowa State University in 1991, and his Ph. D. in inorganic chemistry from The University of Michigan in 1998. He performed post-doctoral work at Eastern Michigan University, and later languished at the Schafer Corporation before joining the staff at the APL. After APL Glen went on to become the Chief Scientic Officer for MIPSolutions. He has over a dozen major communications.


Recent Publications

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